The word “paradigm” is defined as; the model that forms basis of something: an example that serves as a pattern or model for something, especially one that forms the basis of methodology or theory. My definition in layman’s terms is “thinking outside the box and having the desire to be on the cutting edge with the adoption of new technologies and/or procedures to create a pattern or model”.

My primary focus is buying into cow families that have the genetic potential to produce high carcass values in marbling and rib-eye, along with high weaning and yearling weights with calving ease and docility. The other criteria focused on is reliability from proven cow families with current top AI sired lineage. These selection traits and sire lineage of individual pedigrees were my main priorities and objectives when making these purchases to start the nucleus herd. I continue to build on the principles of carcass values, weight gain, docility and calving ease. All cows and heifers are bred AI to the top bulls available globally that meet these breeding criteria and have reliable EPDs. All calves are DNA tested through Zoetis HD50K, and most of the cows in the herd have been tested as well. This information has helped me move forward in my breeding selection and criteria, in addition to knowing the genetic merits of my flush cows. Genomics has become a very important element and useful tool in my breeding selection process. This technology has moved my breeding program toward a more reliable and promising future.


The future looks very bright and promising with our new calves on the ground sired by such great bulls as Rampage, Journey, 9Q20, Cowboy Up, Campaign, Knight Watchman, and Mr All American. This is in conjunction with the bulls outstanding performance and sale results of the two bull test stations at Penn State and the Midland Bull Test in Montana. Our objective, goal and mission is to develop the most feed efficient Angus cattle without giving up weaning and yearling weight gain, process calving ease and with superior carcass merit. Much emphasis is placed on calving ease, docility, $ weaning and $beef EPDs values. We will continue the use of genomics, ultra-sounds and third party testing (bull and heifer test stations) to monitor and rank our breeding strategies and enhance our EPDs reliabilities. Please stay tuned and look to the Welytok prefix with confidence for your future breeding needs. We are “Breeding for the Next Generation”.