New-Paradigm Farms was founded in 1995 in the beautiful town of Lowville in Upstate NY by Mark Welytok. However, the vision of New-Paradigm Farms started at a much earlier year in my childhood. I was born and raised on a large dairy farm in the Finger Lakes and have always had the love and desire to work with good quality cattle. After high school I continued onto college and earned a degree in Ruminant Nutrition. Upon graduation, I worked in the AI field, migrated into the nutrition field and ultimately ended up working in the pharmaceutical field doing digestibility research. With spending more nights in a motel than at home with my family, it was time to make another career change. The cattle business comes to me as much needed therapy and fosters my fondness for working with cattle.

In 1999, the dairy was relocated to Westmoreland in Oneida County. In 2001, the dairy was dispersed and the freestall was filled full of commercial brood cows. The farm was operated for several years primarily as a feeder calf operation. In the mid 2000’s, the farm changed to its current status – a purebred Angus farm now known as Welytok Angus and is located in Richfield Springs, 643 Hayner Road in Herkimer County. During this time period, I traveled the East Coast purchasing great two and three year old registered Angus cows from prominent, well-known breeders. Three quarters of my foundation herd has come from the Quaker Hill Farm, owned and operated by the Rossen family in Louisa, Virginia. I also purchased cows from Springfield Angus in Louisburg, North Carolina and the Wehrmann herd in New Market Virginia. The primary focus is buying into cow families that have the genetic potential to produce high carcass values in marbling and rib-eye, along with high weaning and yearling weights with calving ease and docility. The other criteria focused on is reliability from proven cow families with current top AI sired lineage. These selection traits and sire lineage of individual pedigrees were my main priorities and objectives when making these purchases to start the nucleus herd.



Credit to my early success needs to go to Charles Rossen and family with Quaker Hill Farm with the purchase of a three year old heifer sired by TC Total 410 and out of an early Objective dam. Her name is Erianna 8T2, but is known as and called “Marilyn” because as soon as I arrive at the barn or pasture she is quick to follow me, mooing in a way that makes her seem enamored. Therefore, she was named after Marilyn Monroe as a joke at first, but the name has stayed with her! In March of 2012 she gave birth to a son by GAR New Design 5050 (Welytok Prime Premier 2A20)). He set and holds a new sale record at the Penn State Bull Test Sale that has been in existence for 40 years. Prime Premier was purchased by Select Sires and has entered their sampler program with the high hopes of being one of the great up and coming AI bulls in the Angus breed, all of his traits are in the top one percent of the breed.


Another third party test my genetics were exposed to was the Cornell All Grass Forage Bull Test. While there one of my bulls topped the bull sale and achieved the highest daily weight gain on all grass rations. My next goal and mission of genetic focus is to develop more feed efficient cattle that will transmit and/or reach the market place with above average carcass merit.  An important ingredient in our breeding “recipe” is Dr. Jim Evans, with Genetic Visions. He is our embryologist. Dr. Evans has a been a big asset in helping us get generations ahead with the additional progeny of our core cow families and heifers.  Many Angus friends and AI representatives have also given great advice along the way.